About Us

 Mission Statement

To provide a whole new meaning to logistics transportation. Packaging seamless solutions through creativity, innovation and technology.

About Wholetrans

Wholetrans is a transport company providing seamless solutions for all your distribution needs. Incorporating creativity, innovation and technology, Wholetrans aim to strategically bridge the partnership between market demands and supply.

With a wealth of more than 60 years of experience accumulated in our Wholetrans team, we are confident that we will be able to tailor unique packages targeted at your company’s needs and requirements through our vast network and resources built over the years.

By bringing together a team of individually capable, experienced and responsible personals and by incorporating cutting-edge technology with our strong network partnerships and vast resources, we are confident in delivering a satisfying Wholetrans experience to all our customers.

In the very own words of our founder

“The name Wholetrans came to mind when our core business is providing seamless transportation services and solutions. By way of a Wholesale concept in Transportation thru creativity, innovation, technology and experience.”